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Ducati Victory
Motorcycle Art
My beginnings as an artist started at pre school age. Supportive parents and family never crushed the ambitions of a budding artist. Supported through grade school, acceleratedin High School I attained a full scholarship to the San Francisco Academyof Art as well as a full scholarship to study in Italy at Academia Belli Arti di Roma. It was in Rome that the love affair with I ItalianMotorcyclesflourished as well as the creative inspirationthat lives in me to day, for both graphic arts and mechanical creations. Below are a few motorcycle inspired works. A fondness for photography also grew out of the ancient beauty that is Rome. to see some photos taken click on the link "ROME" here. Life itself is the most grand creation that any of us can endeavorto build. Each and every one of us is truly just that. In my life I have been blessed with a passion not only for art but for the art of the motorcycle to which just about all of these pages are dedicated. I appreciated all of you who surf and view the experiences that I have presentedhere to share and welcome ant any all inquires. Please fell free to contact me with any questions you may have. If you want reproductions of any works or have a desire to commission a piece shot out!!
Ducati Drawing Self Portrait 1979 Gilera Sketch
Ducati Victory, ball point pen, red marker Vintage Me, Acrylic on brown mat board Moto Gilera, pentel on rag paper

The Look of Victory

The painting on the left was done in watercolor. The rider won the vintage 200 class at Sears Point in 2000. The bike is a Yamaha RD 200. Yamaha led the pack in victories with thetwo stoke engineering for many years.The most famous Moto G P rider in the day was Kenny Roberts or "King Kenny" as he was dubbed back in the day. I began racing Moto G P in 1979 about the time King Kenny took the European Moto G P Circuitby storm. The euro circuithad never been wept bya Yank and they we agog at Mr Roberts skills and talents. Historically we owe a great deal to Kenney Roberts to putting USA on the map in Moto G P, as well as creating a new generationof American Riders. For more about my rise to Moto G P fame and the early history of the sport please visit Classic Two Strokes