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Ducati Victory
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Its all about the Passion of Motorcycling

I have been a motorcycle enthusiast since the beginning. If it had wheels I was into it. If it did not have wheels I would figure out a way to put some on!! As a small child my friends and I would find sources for wheels,the club house lounge chairs, wheel barrows, anything that rolled. Upon the acquisition authorized or not.of said wheels we would build soap box cars and roll till we crashed. Many a scarred knee and bloody elbow exalted theglorious tales of speed. This affection grew with age and vehicle after vehicle became more and more glorious untill I got my hands on my first motorcycle. It was then that the true adventures began.

The Motorcycles pictured above are a 2001 Buell Blast 500 and an 2005 EX 500R Ninja , and yes they both are owned by me. The Buell was in the Harley's atthe Horizon Show in 2004. Now trophy's but received commentsand lots of looks!!

for more information on the motorcycles I have owned visit www.ninjabandit.us its all about bikes, bikes, bikes!!

Track Riding just perpetuates the passion for speed. Perceived as "dangerous consider that on the track all the traffic is going the same direction with the same purpose in mind...to go fast!! Is it not safer to be at risk in a controlled environmentopposed tospeeding where it is not only forbidden but populated with cars and trucks who either "didn't see you" or wanted to "take you out" anyway!! There are several locations that support recreational "track riding" as well as on track "Demos" one in particular is focused at Women Only a marvelous opportunity not only to ride assorted bikes provided by such venders as Kawasaki, Ducati, Buell and Honda ,...to name a few..but to test a bike on that controlled track environment. So hey, you ladies out there check out www.femmoto.com and book you track or street demo experience today!


  One of my favorite bikes to modify is the classic Kawasaki EX 250 Ninja. Its style has remained the same since its initial introduction in the late 80's. 2008 has ushered in a new generation of Ninja 250s. Completely re-styled the new Ninja leaves behind an enduring prototype that reigned for over 25 years. It is this modest little ride that I love to work on. Fuel efficient and massive parts availability makes for a splendid canvas for the mechanically inclined. Below pictured on my first Ninja 250 in 1997 you will not the toothy grin sported after kicking two of my fellow riders to the curb on Moniter Pass. Yeah...I Rule!!

An aside, the Ninja EX 250 has been historically the most popular intro to motorcycling bike for entry level riders as well as an economical "Track Bike" for road racers. Pictured below is me on an Aprillia RSV Factory at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 2005.