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Ducati Victory
Italian Style

My first motorcycle was a Gilera 124 V5. I first laid eyes on this beautiful piece of rolling sculpture while I was in Rome Italy studying art at Academia Belli Arti.

I wanted this machine in the worst way. I begged my parents to let me buy one and ship it home, but No Deal!!

When I returned from my studies I discovered one of these fabulous machines at the San Jose Flea Market while shopping for part for my MGTD automobile restoration project. You can only imagine my surprise at the realization that Sears had been importing and selling these fine Italian machines under their name. I bought it. I went to Sears and purchased the necessary parts and manual to get it up and running. It was glorious. I made it run and have been riding ever since. Happy Happy Happy!

Moto Gilera






Moto Guzzi

Moto Morini

M V Agusta


Click on the links above to see information about these fine Italians
Every rider needs to have the Ducati 999 underneath them on the track, I was no exception.Ducati North America at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Here is me with my Monster 6201e, Buell and Chevy in the background. Could a person need any more toys?...Well sure...!