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A road trip to HWY 1 offers a historic rest stop at the Marin Cheese Factory


The Buell XB9 is made by Harley Davidson. Designed by innovative racer Erik Buell the XB9 Streetfighter features a 984 cc sportster engine nestled into an amazingly engineered frame and innovative suspension. The wheel base is 52 inches in length. The front disc is perimeter mounted to the rim to allow more stopping surface for increased braking time. The gas tank is actually integrated into the frame and the oil tank is in the rear swing arm. To reduce the higher weight the exhaust is mounted under the bike in a central low gravity situation. These features make the Buell XB9 a superior ,powerful and nimble sport bike.

My Buell XB9 at the Marin Cheese Factory on the Old Peteluma Highway which leads ot to the California Costal Highway 1. A historic secnic route in the northern San Francisco Bay Area. Favored by all modes of transportation it is not unusual to see bicyclist, motorcyclist and auto tourist from all over the world in this tiny pastoral setting. The cheese and wine selection rival any gormet shop in most urban arears throughout the U S. A "must Visit" on you next Norther California Visit.
Buell and chees factory

This ia a photo I took on a solo ride to Hwy 1. One of my favorite stops is the Marin French Cheese Factory on the Old Peteluma Highway which leads out to the coast route 1 in Northern California. They feature French style cheese made in the tradition of France. Established in 1865 the cheese factory is a local landmark and frequent picnic stop for tourist and local alike. The have a nice lake with ducks and geese where tables and lawn abound for travelers to rest, eat some cheese and enjoy the beautiful weather that Northern California is famous for.


Below is one of my little projects I did for a Bike Shoe in South Lake Tahoe California. There are many great back roads and mountain passes for the enthusiastic sport rider and sight seeing cruiser alike.

Tahoe Back roads Rule!!


This is a photo of me on my birthday, I was riding the "Red Buell" I designed the graphics on this particular bike for the Harleys at the Horizon Motorcycle show in 2004. I named it the Red Buell because I like Red Bull and it was sort of a comedy to my friends. The Red Buell is built on a Buell Blast. A single cylindar 500 cc Harley sport Bike made by Buell.

Me with My Beull Blast"the RED BEULL"
Lil Red Buell